No Sex or Gambling on the Train – Utah Officials Have Spoken

How sad is this?  Utah officials have banned surfing for porn and gambling on Transit Authority trains.  Offenders sneaking a peek at the latest fetish site, or placing a bet on the ballgame, will be fined up to $500.  Transit Authority Thought Police will be “monitoring” the devices of anyone suspected of going to the bad places on the inter-web:

That august institution, the Utah Transit Authority (UTA), has decided, in its infinite wisdom, and acting as a moral compass for the citizens of the state, that playing online casino games on your mobile phone is just as bad as visiting porn sites.

The UTA has announced that any traveler accessing a wireless Internet service, via cellular telephone, or computer to play on online gambling websites, will be hit with fines of up to $500. An equivalent fine will also be aimed at any of its customers using their wireless devices to access pornography websites.

Supporters of this legislation point to the fact that the Internet service is provided to travelers on the Utah trains and buses free of charge, and as such, the UTA then has every right to tie restrictions to its use. A spokesman for the Utah Transit Authority announced that passengers’ devices could be inspected by UTA agents who would monitor suspect user devices, and who had the power to issue on-the-spot fines. On the plus side – passengers would have the right to appeal any UTA fine.

Ok, it is Utah and all, but porn police on the train?

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