About the Blog

This Blog was launched in 2009, and tackles issues of sex and law like no other.  It strives for truth and candor, in a field where both are often in short supply.  From ancient times, mankind has tried to repress the sexual desires of his fellow man with harsh laws relating to sex, marriage, adultery, sexual preferences & practices, consent, nudity, dancing, prostitution, pornography, dress codes, and all manner of bizarre restrictions – often with disastrous results.  This Blog will explore these thorny issues, and shine a light on the inane attempts to mold human sexual behavior through legal mandates.

2 thoughts on “About the Blog

  1. My husband and me are looking into the research of possibly opening a adult store in Jacksonville, Florida. I was trying to look up what the ordinance for this type of business states without making incorrect decisions about locations, etc…

    If you could point me into the right direction it would be appreciated. I’ve done web search however, haven’t located the information I require without taking the step and going to the City yet.

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