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  1. Dear Mr. Walters, I thank you for mentioning my case in your blog of August 31, 2009. These false allegations of child pornography destroyed my life, destroyed my business which had been established 32 years ago, caused me to loose a valuable business franchise and hurt my family and friends more than I could ever describe. I am now on the verge of bankruptcy because I took some nude photos and video tapes that only myself and the participants would have ever seen. Before smearing me nationwide in all forms of media the Polk County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Grady Judd knew that they had found no evidence whatsoever of child pornography or any under age models. Heck, they darn well knew because discovery has shown they were looking at me since 2005 (Does this sound like a vendetta?) and had found nothing. There were no skeltons in the closet so they decided to put some there and convict me in the court of public opinion by furnishing the media with headline allegations of child pornography. I want to clear something up, in your blog I “engaged in some adult content production on the side.” I just want readers to know that none of it was ever sold or intended to be sold even though in their discovery they mention searching for reported websites I had and outlets I alledgedly shipped materials to in Louisiana and South Florida none of which they found. You can’t find something made up in the imagination of confidential informant who was “willing to tell them anything (Sheriff’s Deputies) want to hear about (me) to keep from going to jail.” A confidential informant with a lengthly arrest record and who has been arrested since her false accusations against me. My trial is now quickly approaching with Docketing on Friday, September 11 and Jury Selection on Monday, July 14,2009. With only my private, not for sale videos, as the obscene items cited as evidence it should be a very interesting trial and allow the citizens of Polk County to know if they need fear of their homes being invaded to search for what county law enforcement, acting as moral police, feel is obscene.

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